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There's a good chance that Marcia will be the next manager.

Rand started slighting his studies after he became a member of the football team.

I'm not going to make it on time.

You lying bastard!

Carter doesn't like fighting.

I love him more than any of the other boys.

It's a bad time right now.


I consulted them.

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He fell asleep on the train and woke up in Germany.


It rained three days on end.

If you want something done, do it yourself!

I'll be very careful.

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I couldn't meet him at the station because my car ran out of gas.

I feel very sorry that I had put them to so much trouble.

Don't be melodramatic.

Hurry or we'll be late.

The war with France was over.

The policemen said to them, "Stop."

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The boy is far from a fool.

There's something I want you to know.


Everyone here likes us.


Still, if it were true, I think I'd know it.

This is racism.

I finally found out where you were last night.


I can see the castle from my bedroom window.

Barbra had a good reason for not having his homework done on time.

I'd like to know what you mean.

Take this book.

Everyone in the room turned to look at Oliver.

I'm sorry to bother you again.

I'd like to go to Paris now.

I used to be thin when I was young.

I'm looking forward to having some time off.

That doesn't really help us, does it?

I think Jos drank out of my glass by mistake.

Apart from several windowpanes, there was no major damage.

Roman grabbed Leon by the hand.

I'm simply obeying orders.

You're making him nervous.

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Darrell doesn't know if Doug is dead or alive.

Tell him to let the dog in.

I'm not making this up.

I offer you my gratitude.

Mark's book is very interesting.


She was raising four kids.

Most people stuck around for a while after the show.

I acted out my belief.

She'll return very soon.

We believe Brad was murdered.

They're trying really hard.

How early do I have to make a reservation to qualify for the discount?

This discovery has been exploited to the detriment of the poor peasants.

I wasn't good-looking when I was a kid.

When is the performance over?

I'm not special. I'm just a limited edition.

Go on, snigger.

If you want to know, just ask.

Charlie needed emergency surgery.

The results were astounding.


Somehow he managed to work his way through college.

It doesn't really sound like you want to help me.

I bought this car used three years ago.


It's such a pity Petr and Liisa don't hit it off together.

There was almost no one who believed her.

You're out of touch with reality.

What an embarrassing situation that was!

What do you think I should wear for my date tomorrow?

Life is too short.

The police came.


Carter took out a book, opened it and started reading.


I can't tell you where Kevyn is because I don't know.

I don't know what size shirt I should buy.

I take a walk every morning.

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There were no laws for people to abide by.


I knew you were the person to ask.

It will not add anything to the situation.

I want to get into shape, so I've been working out every day.

I can't tell if you're serious.

Why is everyone so excited?

Why are you telling us this?

It has begun.


Don't forget to close the door.

I said it was all right.

I have no idea where he went.

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Miriam doesn't need money to have a good time.

Edith has written several cook books.

Is that in the additive or subtractive color model?

Please, I ask that you be calm.

We've got to get back.

His reelection seems sure.

George put a chain on the dog.


Lukas is sitting next to Arnold.

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I suggested that the plan be postponed.

What must we do?

Can you tell me why are they so glad?

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She contributed an article to the newspaper.

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The more countries a language is spoken in, the less important it is to sound like a native speaker, since speakers of that language are accustomed to hearing various dialects.

Someone sent me a gift.

She said, "I owe it to him that I am popular."

Everyone likes a peacock dance.

Pull yourself together, now. There's no point in crying.

They were listening to him, not understanding what he really meant.

The patterns of the verb have to be learned.


Agriculture is an important industry in California.

The motorcade made its way down Park Street.

He's unable to read.

This book is fundamental for an understanding of biology.

Let's let them try that again.

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How did you know what to do?

Starting next week, we'll be using a new textbook.

As of next week I am eating less.


Dory learned French perfectly studying by himself.

I'm not your wife anymore. Your wife is Tatoeba!

The fine day added to the pleasure of the picnic.

Byron would do that.

The visitors waited in a long line to get into the museum.

He asked me where she lived.

Upon my word I will do it.

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Anatoly asked Ragnar who she wanted to hire.

If you say that to Stu, you'll run the risk of losing your job.

He was standing with his hands in his pockets.

Amos did not want to throw anything away because he thought that he might need it in the future.

I would like to go to sleep now.

Sue is quite prejudiced, isn't he?

Floria smiled approvingly.

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Micah put his empty glass on the table.

I wonder how permanent this is going to be.

The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.

I ran across her in Mongolia, of all places.

I didn't see them today.

Since he graduated from high school, he hasn't been doing anything.

Elwood went on a camping trip with a friend.

My mom is a teacher, too.

Russia has just launched a new public safety campaign called "Safe Selfies".

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Do you know who she is?

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We should rest for a minute.

I'm beginning to smell a rat.

Jane is pretty conceited, isn't he?


I need to go eat something.

What compositions will the orchestra play tonight?

She will catch us.


Don't be fooled by appearances.


I really don't feel the cold.


Why can't we do both.

Boggle is a game that uses dice with letters instead of numbers.

Do you think Patricia will graduate this year?


That's a big problem.

There are lives at stake.

You should ask for a refund.

You're a wonderful human being.

He's destroying his clothing.

Let's pick nits.

Our success, after all, is due to his earnest efforts.


He was looking at her.

I'm not to blame for everything that has happened.

You can use my desk if you want.


It's spring everywhere in the motherland.

The number of the chairs in the hall is 80.

Moses boasts of never having been defeated in a horse race.

The boy rode a horse for the first time.

Aaww! He's so cute.

He deserves the prize.

Major looks amused.